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    Wednesday, January 19 will be iLearn Pulaski Day 4. Students need to login to Google Classroom and complete all assignments and participate in any scheduled Google Meets with teachers. Staff are required to report to school.

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Finance Contacts

Last Updated: 9/1/2020 2:29 PM

Finance Officer:
Rebecca Wright  rebecca.wright@pulaski.kyschools.us

Arlene Broyles  arlene.broyles@pulaski.kyschools.us

Health Insurance/Retirement:  
Melanie Lyons  melanie.lyons@pulaski.kyschools.us

Other Insurances/Garnishments: 
Samantha James  samantha.james@pulaski.kyschools.us

Accounts Payable:  
Mardy Burke  mardy.burke@pulaski.kyschools.us

Accounts Receivable:  
Denise Milligan  denise.milligan@pulaski.kyschools.us

Travel Checks:
Lauryn Whitis  lauryn.whitis@pulaski.kyschools.us

Medicaid Reimbursement:  
Carolana Denney  carolana.denney@pulaski.kyschools.us