February 2020 Highlights
Archery BETA Mrs. Brinson class Claire and Conner Ms. Crawford's class Brayden and Macy as Abraham Lincoln Allegra and Jayce Malachi Jackson Hill's class Hill's boys Donavan Maddox Parker Ms. Eads class Emily B. Valentine's boxes Ahmed and Tanya Addilyn and Bridie Moody Farms visit John and Ainsley Moody Farms visit Eric and Peyton Garrett and Oakley Clara William Ainsley Mamma Moody Fifth grade leadership girls Ms. Marcum's Class Mrs. Meece class Mrs. Norfleet's class 2019 - 2020 Robotics Team Valentines boxes Valentines boxes 2 Valentines boxes 3 Valentines boxes 4 Mrs. Bertram's class Honest Abe in Ms. Lawless class